St. Louis Reporter Picks the Air Curler


Karen Deer is a “Home & Away” reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and she recently considered the Air Curler for a “Product Pick” review.

“I have perfectly straight and long hair” says Deer. “So when the Air Curler ended up on my desk, I was excited to try a curling product.” Deer explained the directions on how to use the Air Curler and then shared her own personal results. “The Air Curler made my hair curly. I ran my fingers through the curls and achieved a loose, beachy style, without any frizz.”

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The Air Curler is Great for a Busy Mom

The Air Curler was reviewed by wife and busy mother, Dana Hageman, for As Seen on TV Official Site Blog.


“As a mom of four I don’t get too much free time,” she begins. “Writing this review for the new Air Curler should be a testament to its note worthiness.” She goes on to explain why she appreciates the Air Curler saying “I love that the Air Curler creates a soft natural looking curl that lifts up at the roots. It creates beautiful bouncy spiral curls.”

“This is awesome for a busy mom” Dana says towards the conclusion of her Air Curler review. “I can get curls as quickly with this attachment as I can put my hair in a simple braid. It’s much less work than hot rollers or curling irons and perhaps my favorite aspect is that I am not crying in agony after burning my fingers like I do constantly with curling irons!”

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The Air Curler and a Rush of Beauty

air-curler-review-beauty-rush-manda-blogs“Beauty Rush” – from Manda Blogs – considers herself a “beauty nerd” who loves “makeup, fashion, and all things beauty.” She recently turned her eye towards fashion on the Air Curler and she provided her readers with her Air Curler review.

“I was skeptical at first” she begins by admitting. “I have very thick hair and it is VERY hard to curl.” She explains the process she followed as she used the Air Curler and then offered her opinions saying: “I have long thick hair and it curled my hair into lose curls which I brushed out into waves, I love it!…The Air Curler could easily become one of my new favorite hair tools. Usually it takes over an hour to curl all of my hair, with the Air Curler it took about 15 minutes! Overall great product/hair tool! Highly recommend!”

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Pittsburg Mom Declares Air Curler is Perfect for Teens

air-curler-review-pittsburg-frugal-momThe Air Curler was recently reviewed by Dana of Pittsburgh Frugal Mom and she explores why the Air Curler is great for teenagers.

“Let’s face it” she begins by saying “curling irons often dry your hair out, and after a lot of damage you end up cutting off the dead hair. If you are looking for those soft curls that are tangle free and for a way to curl and dry your hair in ONE step, the Air Curler is the new tool for you!”

After discussing the benefits and functions of the Air Curler Dana concludes by saying “this is actually a perfect tool for the teens that are too irresponsible to remember to unplug a curling iron and actually want a head filled with curls….There is no damage from heat appliances to the hair or its ends because the dryer is the only appliance that is being used.”

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CBS Station Says the Air Curler Creates Natural Looking Curls

air-curler-review-WTOLlOhio CBS station, WTOL, reviewed the Air Curler for their “Does It Work?” news segment and they asked busy mom, Cathy Hauptman, to help them with the review.

Cathy “doesn’t always have an extra 20 minutes to curl her hair,” they begin, “so she gave the Air Curler a try.” After using the Air Curler Cathy noticed that you can create big chunks of curls or “you can separate the hair to make it blend a little bit.” Cathy also tried the Air Curler on her 6-year old daughter, Anna, and says ” “It could definitely cut down on time, and it also gives you just a more natural curled look….I think the result is good.”

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Save Time with the Air Curler!

air-curler-review-asseenontvinfomercialProduct review site, As Seen on TV Infomercial, recently considered the Air Curler and discovered how the Air Curler can create beautiful curls while saving time.

“My morning routine used to take me over an hour,” begins the reviewer “with the new Air Curler I can be ready in less than thirty minutes….Thanks to this invention, I can have my hair dried and curled before my hot rollers can even heat up.”

And did the Air Curler create the desired curls? “I was amazed at the results” the reviewer exclaims, “I had beautiful, bouncy curls in only a few seconds.”

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Air Curler Named Best Summer Seller

air-curler-as-seen-on-tv-top-10-listAccording to a report provided by As Seen on TV, Inc. and WMBB, the Air Curler was one of the top ten best-selling products on this past Summer.

As Seen on TV, Inc, is “a leading multi-platform product marketing company and online shopping destination” and the products named on the top 10 list “were chosen from a broad assortment of items from home and garden, health, and family fun available on”

Chairman of As Seen On TV, Inc., Kevin Harrington, is an original Shark from ABC’s hit show Shark Tank and says as “an entrepreneur myself, I love to see these new and inventive products rise to the top of our online marketplace.”

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NBC Station Reports: The Air Curler Creates “Nice Curls”

air-curler-review-wsfaNBC station, WSFA of Alabama, recently put the Air Curler “to the test.”

Short-haired news reporter, Chris McGill, asked a WSFA viewer – Chandra – to assist him with the Air Curler trial. “I liked it,” said Chandra. “If you use a little bit more hair it works really well. It makes curling your hair a lot easier.”

“Once our test was done, Chandra had nice curls in her hair” says WSFA.

Watch the Air Curler video review from WSFA

Air Curler: The Healthy Curling Option

The Air Curler was recently reviewed by TV Stuff Reviews who discusses the comparison between the Air Curler and a curling iron.

“The Air Curler is a very healthy way to curl hair that will completely minimize any damage that the hair gets from using a curling iron” they state. They go on to note that “many Air Curler reviews suggest that the Air Curler is a lot safer than the curling iron” and that some “women who have used a curling iron in the past have even considered throwing away their existing curling iron for a more healthy curling option with Air Curler.”

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Air Curler Receives 4 Stars Rating!

Chloe, of Top Knots And Polka Dots, recently reviewed the Air Curler for her blog. She, and her hairdresser Justine, decided to try it out together and Chloe highlighted many pros about the Air Curler from their trial saying:

“The pros of this little tornado are: cheap in cost, easy to assemble, accommodates to fit most hair dryers, can easily switch the direction of the vortex so that each curl isn’t uniform, and takes almost no time….This is actually a really good idea, and a great gadget to have if you hate how your hair dries naturally (aka me).”

In conclusion Chloe gave the Air Curler a 4-stars rating!

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